Hoteling Workstations

The New Hoteling desks allows you to connect your laptop / Notebook to the D6000 docking station and use the monitor, keyboard and mouse.
The Docking station will also charge your laptop (If your lapop supports USB-C PD charging). If not, you can plug your laptop into the power outlet located on the desk.
Please be gentle when plugging in the USB cable into your laptop

Video Output

  • Video output will work on a laptop that has USB 3.0 or USB C. If your laptop does not have USB 3.0 or USB C, you can still connect your laptop directly to the HDMI cable or VGA cable  

Instructions on using the D6000 Docking station

The link below walk you through using the D6000 with your laptop.

Instructions on setting up the D6000 Docking station